ABG: Directory of 3D structures of antibodies

Statistics and Aim

The first 3D-structure of an antibody was solved early in the 1970's (Poljak et al., 1972). Two decades after, in the beginning of 1990's, the number of structures began to increase exponentially:
Today (last update: February, 21, 2001), there are 365 structures:
Free Bound total
X-ray Diffraction and other 142 186 328
NMR 3 1 4
Theoretical Modeling 26 7 31
total 171 194 365

That means 2.5% of all the known and public structures! We expect 78 new structures at the end of this year:
To have a quick access to this ever-increasing information, here we offer the directory of all the antibodies of known and public 3D-structure. In the directory, each PDB entry has a hyperlink to the original source. The VH and VL sequences were aligned and are reported in the VH and VL alignments.


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