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Dr. Enrique Rudiño Piñera

Secretario Académico

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Tutor de Maestría y Doctorado

Nivel III del SNI


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Oficina (52+55) 562-27673 ;

Oficina +52 (777) 329-1616
desde la CDMX 562-27616

red UNAM 27616
+52 (777) 311-4900 ext 246

Laboratorio +52 (777) 329-1610
desde la CDMX 562-27610

red UNAM 27610
+52 (777) 311-4900 ext 246

- Licenciatura: Química, Universidad La Salle, A.C. (1994)
- Maestría: Biotecnología, Facultad de Química, UNAM (1999)
- Doctorado: Ciencias (Bioquímicas), IBT, UNAM (2001)
- Medalla de plata Alfonso Caso (generación 1995)
- Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, University of Oxford, Reino Unido (2003-2004) Visiting Scientist Fellowship from Royal Society, U.K. (2006)


Lic. Ulises Dantán

Biol. Cristhian Aristizabal

M. en B. Angela Escudero

Biol. Nizaa Jimenez

M.C. Arisbeth Guadalupe Almeida

Lic. Jesús Lara

Biol. Elena Lizbeth Garcia

M.C. Yerli Marín

M.C. Aranza Xhaly Quintana "Efecto de la radiación ionizante sobre la estructura de la DNA ligasa de Thermococcus gammatolerans"

M.C. Ariadna Berenice Juarez

Biol. José Ricardo Pantaleón

M.C Ruben Priego

Ing. Thania Quiroz

Q.B.P. Alberto Venancio

Ing. Cristian Uriel Sanchez

José Ignacio Román

M.C. Ricardo Miranda

Dinorah Gallardo

Armando Avila

Publicaciones recientes

Rudino-Pinera,E. Pelaez-Aguilar,A.E. Amero,C. Diaz-Vilchis,A. 2019. Crystal structure of 6aJL2-R24G light chain variable domain: Does crystal packing explain amyloid fibril formation? Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 20, .

Ramirez-Carreto,S. Vera-Estrella,R. Portillo-Bobadilla,T. Licea-Navarro,A. Bernaldez-Sarabia,J. Rudino-Pinera,E. Verleyen,J.J. Rodriguez,E. Rodriguez-Almazan,C. 2019. Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analysis of the Tentacles and Mucus of Anthopleura dowii Verrill, 1869 Marine Drugs, 17, .

Centeno-Leija,S. Tapia-Cabrera,S. Guzman-Trampe,S. Esquivel,B. Esturau-Escofet,N. Tierrafria,V.H. Rodriguez-Sanoja,R. Zarate-Romero,A. Stojanoff,V. Rudino-Pinera,E. Sanchez,S. Serrano-Posada,H. 2019. The structure of (E)-biformene synthase provides insights into the biosynthesis of bacterial bicyclic labdane-related diterpenoids Journal of Structural Biology, 207, 29-39.

Zarate-Romero,A. Stojanoff,V. Cohan,A.E. Hansberg,W. Rudino-Pinera,E. 2019. X-ray driven reduction of Cpd I of Catalase-3 from N. crassa reveals differential sensitivity of active sites and formation of ferrous state Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 666, 107-115.

Muslinkina,L. Roldan-Salgado,A. Gaytan,P. Juarez-Gonzalez,V.R. Rudino,E. Pletneva,N. Pletnev,V. Dauter,Z. Pletnev,S. 2019. Structural Factors Enabling Successful GFP-Like Proteins with Alanine as the Third Chromophore-Forming Residue Journal of Molecular Biology, 431, 1397-1408.

Ramirez-Carreto,S. Perez-Garcia,E.I. Salazar-Garcia,S.I. Bernaldez-Sarabia,J. Licea-Navarro,A. Rudino-Pinera,E. Perez-Martinez,L. Pedraza-Alva,G. Rodriguez-Almazan,C. 2019. Identification of a pore-forming protein from sea anemone Anthopleura dowii Verrill (1869) venom by mass spectrometry Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins Including Tropical Diseases, 25, e144118.

Flores-Ibarra,A. Campos-Escamilla,C. Guerra,Y. Rudino-Pinera,E. Demitri,N. Polntarrutti,M. Cuellar-Cruz,M. Moreno,A. 2018. Novel Devices for Transporting Protein Crystals to the Synchrotron Facilities and Thermal Protection of Protein Crystals Crystals, 8, .

Garcia-Magana,M.L. Gonzalez-Borrayo,J. Montalvo-Gonzalez,E. Rudino-Pinera,E. Sayago-Ayerdi,S.G. Salazar-Leyva,J.A. 2018. Isoelectric focusing, effect of reducing agents and inhibitors: partial characterization of proteases extracted from Bromelia karatas Applied Biological Chemistry, 61, 459-467.

Arreola,R. Villalpando,J.L. Puente-Rivera,J. Morales-Montor,J. Rudino-Pinera,E. Alvarez-Sanchez,M.E. 2018. Trichomonas vaginalis metalloproteinase TvMP50 is a monomeric Aminopeptidase P-like enzyme Molecular Biotechnology, 60, 563-575.

Paredes-Amaya,C.C. Valdes-Garcia,G. Juarez-Gonzalez,V.R. Rudino-Pinera,E. Bustamante,V.H. 2018. The Hcp-like protein HilE inhibits homodimerization and DNA binding of the virulence-associated transcriptional regulator HilD in Salmonella Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293, 6578-6592.

Jimenez-Arroyo,N. Gil-Rodriguez,P.C. Diaz-Vilchis,A. Rojas-Trejo,S.P. Rudino-Pinera,E. 2018. Zo-peroxidase: Crystal structure and sequence of a highly-glycosylated peroxidase resistant to high concentrations of H2O2 from Japanese radish Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 13, 32-38.

Vega-Garcia,V. Diaz-Vilchis,A. Saucedo-Vazquez,J.P. Solano-Peralta,A. Rudino-Pinera,E. Hansberg,W. 2018. Structure, kinetics, molecular and redox properties of a cytosolic and developmentally regulated fungal catalase-peroxidase Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 640, 17-26.

Garcia,C.F. Pedrini,N. Sanchez-Paz,A. Reyna-Blanco,C.S. Lavarias,S. Muhlia-Almazan,A. Fernandez-Gimenez,A. Laino,A. de-la-Re-Vega,E. Lukaszewicz,G. Lopez-Zavala,A.A. Brieba,L.G. Criscitello,M.F. Carrasco-Miranda,J.S. Garcia-Orozco,K.D. Ochoa-Leyva,A. Rudino-Pinera,E. Sanchez-Flores,A. Sotelo-Mundo,R.R. 2018. De novo assembly and transcriptome characterization of the freshwater prawn Palaemonetes argentinus: Implications for a detoxification response Marine Genomics, 37, 74-81.

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Ayala-Sumuano,J.T. Licea-Navarro,A. Rudino-Pinera,E. Rodriguez,E. Rodriguez-Almazan,C. 2017. Sequencing and de novo transcriptome assembly of Anthopleura dowii Verrill (1869), from Mexico Genomics Data, 11, 92-94.

Juarez-Martinez,A.B. Sotelo-Mundo,R.R. Rudino-Pinera,E. 2017. Crystal structure of a class-mu glutathione S-transferase from whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei: structural changes in the xenobiotic binding H-site may alter the spectra of molecules bound J Biochem Mol Toxicol, 31, e21838.

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Venancio-Landeros,A.A. Rudino-Pinera,E. Cardona-Felix,C.S. 2016. Cloning, recombinant production and crystallographic structure of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen from radioresistant archaeon Thermococcus gammatolerans Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 8, 200-206.

Lopez-Zavala,A.A. Carrasco-Miranda,J.S. Ramirez-Aguirre,C.D. Lopez-Hidalgo,M. Benitez-Cardoza,C.G. Ochoa-Leyva,A. Cardona-Felix,C.S. Diaz-Quezada,C. Rudino-Pinera,E. Sotelo-Mundo,R.R. Brieba,L.G. 2016. Structural insights from a novel invertebrate triosephosphate isomerase from Litopenaeus vannamei Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Proteins and Proteomics, 1864, 1696-1706.

Guerra,Y. Valiente,P.A. Pons,T. Berry,C. Rudino-Pinera,E. 2016. Structures of a bi-functional Kunitz-type STI family inhibitor of serine and aspartic proteases: could the aspartic protease inhibition have evolved from a canonical serine protease-binding loop? Journal of Structural Biology, 195, 259-271.

Rudino-Pinera,E. Stojanoff,V. 2016. Editorial: Synchrotron Applications in Life Sciences Protein And Peptide Letters, 23, 200.

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Antillon,A. de la Rosa,G. Juarez,A. Moreno,M. Mustre,J. Napsuciale,M. Rudino,E. 2011. First Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Users Meeting Synchrotron Radiation News, 24, 2-5.

de la Mora-Lugo,E. Rudino-Pinera,E. 2008. Cristales, difracción y desplazamientos atómicos: ¿es posible usar datos cristalográficos para extraer movimientos moleculares en proteínas? Mensaje Bioquimico, 32, 135-148.

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